Social Media & Affiliate Marketing

social media exampleAmong top users of OMG Machines’ educational system are affiliate marketers. Well structured SEO writing, a good grasp of backlinks, and other internet marketing techniques are the backbone of successful affiliate marketing. What else can the experts at OMG Machines teach these professionals about promoting other people’s goods and netting a percentage of healthy profits? How about some suggestions around social media?

Social Media for Marketing

Once upon a time, social media was all about personal connections. It had nothing to do with business or marketing, although the gurus behind it probably had a notion their pages would be put to that purpose along the way while they were thinking ahead. Social media still carries a professional stigma with some people. If you are old-fashioned and don’t see a business application for Twitter and MySpace or you think it is not worth the effort pursuing this angle, find out what they have to say at OMG Machines.

Affiliate’s Big Chance

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace, and other media provide a chance for sellers to be social with buyers. Think about the best retail experiences you have ever had and the places you return to regularly when you shop for groceries or socks. There is a social element to those scenes, not just an economic one. Clerks know your name. The owner comes out for a chat and makes his customers feel welcome, almost like family. Customers feel appreciated and the faces of main players are known. This is very different from the anonymity and coldness of internet marketing and eCommerce.

Social media with photos gives people a chance to see the marketer’s face which, in turn, engenders trust. You just encouraged a sale without paying a single advertising dollar (remember, affiliates don’t sell, they promote). All you did was mention a company on your Facebook page.

Social Media for Many Commodities

You do not have to tell people you are an affiliate marketer for a product although they are going to catch on when posts contain sales links or you seem biased about a commodity. Up to this point, however, readers following this page have trusted your judgment for some reason. Friends or colleagues have visited your page because they expect to find wise advice and sensible writing. They don’t expect to be duped and you aren’t going to start conning them now. Use this platform carefully to promote every product you like to use and be sure these are items you genuinely feel good about. Remember, trust is critical to your ongoing success and that of the company you promote.

Finding You

OMG Machines will teach you about ways search engines find Twitter and Pinterest posts embedded with promotional links. Most people don’t know how to use these media to their financial advantage: the importance of selective keywords and carefully chosen backlinks. They don’t realize how often a search for products brings up Facebook and YouTube hits. Even though you have to invest a lot of money to learn from OMG Machines’ internet marketing gurus, this could be an investment that pays off.