Over the Shoulder Learning

OMG over the shoulder teaching methodsWhat is unique about OMG Machines’ method of teaching members? They use something called the OTS or Over the Shoulder strategy. This is not unique to OMG Machines; they did not create or patent this teaching style. Academic writing on the internet and in scholarly publications depicts OTS as a heavily-researched method of teaching and learning, one which is highly relevant and useful to the following program.

What is Over the Shoulder Learning?

There are some topics which come across best using a format where two people or a group of like-minded individuals simply do the work together: a student figuring it all out and his or her mentor/teacher explaining as they go. The mentor shares experience with a student/students rather than spouting information from books or assigning homework. He or she offers lots of examples and opportunities for practice. It’s also called hands-on teaching. Many people say they learn best just by doing something, not reading about it. They need that immediate opportunity to apply what they learn in order to absorb the information. It is both visual and kinesthetic.

How is the OMG Machines Teaching Series an OTS Example?
OMG Machines applies this OTS method in numerous ways. Whatever they could learn at a technical school will only be basic stuff; foundations that don’t change. OMG membership is a community of individuals all eager to do one thing: earn a living (and then some) by acquiring and applying internet marketing skills. Everyone within this community is always learning since new rules are frequently added to search engine ranking systems; new trends are exposed in SEO technique; and technology is upgraded, including software programs. This is not a static field so books about SEO marketing from 2014 are obsolete in late 2015. People need to know what experts know right now.

Students assimilate knowledge by working one-on-one with experts. They undergo personal coaching and attend seminars. They are not reading text books. These people might take notes, but one of the primary reasons this type of training is said to work is that it operates at a personal level. Attending seminars is important but networking is also a part of their success. They also share with one another and there are ways to provide OTS training between students via OMG member connections and Skype. Members are encouraged to help one another.

Learning the Next Level

Simply accumulating static, textbook knowledge would not be good enough for someone paying $7,000 to sign up for marketing training in the current competitive marketing climate. That’s what membership/tuition at OMG Machines costs. Today’s students expect a return for their investment. Although no one guarantees they will make $50,000 monthly, hard working individuals who pay attention and do what instructors suggest should be able to increase conversion rates on their websites, thanks to the application of current knowledge. The internet changes so quickly it’s almost alive. As their careers progress, internet marketers will adapt to new ideas. If that knowledge is gained via ongoing analysis of the internet and SEO rhythms, it has to be taught in this over-the-shoulder way.