OMG Machines Review: Is OneManGang A Scam Or Opportunity?

OMGMACHINES Book ImageLast Updated July 26, 2016: When the OneManGang Greg Morrison decided he needed to make more money to support a new family, hard work enabled him to turn his fortunes around. The OMG Machines website shows Paypal records going from $0 to several thousand dollars in only months, thanks to online marketing techniques combining information already available on the internet and ideas developed by Morrison. This version is not to be confused with the popular WWE wrestler who goes by the name George Gray. And of course this is not related to Butch Reed, Big Boss Man, Don Muraco, or THE “Brutus Beefcake”.

Since 2012 when OMG Machines got started, there are reputed to be many individuals earning five and six-figure monthly salaries using the tools Morrison and his team teach subscribers. This has the sound of a “get-rich-quick” scheme in many respects, but that is not what this is about. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the OMG system in an OMG Machines review.

Summary of OMG (One Man Gang)

A lot of people want to work from home using the internet because they are stay-at-home parents, their day jobs do not earn them adequate income, or their day jobs are stressful and they would like to quit. Online employment sounds tantalizing and there are lots of potential schemes for easy wealth. But to make it work one needs skills, SEO skills in particular.

OMG Machines was designed to provide those skills to individuals promoting their own stuff (blogs, products, and services) or to trainees hoping to become SEO experts and sell their services to clients. Many OMG students work as affiliates promoting cosmetics, spices, health food supplements, or any other number of things. Others operate blogs where they discuss pet projects and topics which could be anything from parenting to dog obedience tips or creating healthy recipes.

Participants in OMG Machines “No Holds Barred NHB” program (a recent incarnation of their series) receive the inside scoop on outsourcing work, using backlinks effectively, choosing useful keywords, and creating Pay Per Click ad campaigns. They learn how to create high Google rankings with and without any outlay (advertising dollars), all while being your own One Man Gang.

A High Price Tag

Participants pay $7,000 these days to gain access to webinars, software, videos, blogs, real-time support, and regular updates. Every upgrade is included in this non-refundable price. One thing is certain: Morrison and Co. are clear that there will be no refunds if you don’t manage to succeed after buying their program to learn how to be a OneManGang. Only those who are willing to work hard will become wealthy; this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Participants are joining a community of which there are many advocates according to testimonials. Facebook is supposedly host to their community, but with fewer than 300 “likes” and sporadic postings, one must wonder how active this community really is.

The Easy Multi-media Program

Although a lot of hard work is involved, this is apparently a very simple program to learn. Morrison is self-taught and did not plan to create a forum or teaching template, yet his methods are apparently easy to convey and to learn. Some participants argue that $7,000 is well worth the price when considered against a monthly salary more than some people earn yearly. They believe free online information only scratches the surface compared with what they learned by paying to take part in courses offered by OMG Machines. Be your own One Man Gang and start winning today! And remember we are not talking about the One Man Gang WWE wrestler George Gray or anything associated like Butch Reed, Don Muraco, Big Boss Man, Brutus Beefcake, Big John Studd, or the hercules or slick wrestler. We are talking about the internet marketing superhero’s with OMG Machines!