Amazon and SEO Practices

Amazon plus SEOOf course, when OMG Machines was first developed, it was primarily concentrating on teaching individuals how to make money using the internet, and using correct SEO practices. Internet marketing techniques are widely available online for nothing: there is plenty of free information. OMG Machines, however, promises to teach clients techniques that are not published for free including methods for earning a living out of Amazon eCommerce. And why not? After all, Amazon is arguably one of the biggest – if not the biggest – online shopping portals on earth. Liz Herrera is OMG’s resident Amazon expert with a large salary garnered using the very techniques she will pass on to members. Those who register for the No Holds Barred program can access her via Facebook and also read all the latest info on

How is Amazon Used for Internet Marketing?

Amazon is a third-party eCommerce site where people list the products they make or promote items made by others. Many sellers are affiliate marketers promoting numerous items. They earn money by converting curious internet viewers into customers: a feat known as conversion. One’s conversion rate indicates how efficient his or her advertising is: the ratio of viewers to buyers.

Liz Herrera’s Amazon Methods

According to Liz Herrera, there is a simple “blueprint” for launching a product. She offers to help members come up with a plan by showing them her template and will walk and talk people through her methods if they need extra support when they contact her on the separate OMG Amazon Facebook page which she says is very active. Apparently, the method she depicts for selling things on Amazon will work for any item a seller wishes to launch products on Amazon. Herrera is not just talking about listing something: anyone can do that. Her goal is to help OMG members learn how to sell with Amazon successfully.

How OMG Machines Helps Participants

Amazon and the overall internet marketplace are changing all the time. Google comes up with new methods for ranking products and for evaluating reviews. OMG will teach individuals how to create effective campaigns but also stays up-to-date with new developments. Members learn what is current and are treated to updates on their website describing new ways to increase traffic and conversion plus info about new Google ranking penalties. This information is only available to members and goes beyond what you learn from free searches.

Professional Review Ideas

An area of special interest is reviews: how to use them as a means of attracting viewers and buyers. Learn how to enact SEO tactics, attract the top Amazon reviewers — professional writers, essentially — and ensure quality reviews are associated with your product. This is a matter of encouraging reviews from people who know how to use SEO to this end, not just random writers without internet marketing know-how.

OMG Machines and Tools

OMG Machines uses numerous tools to support members. These include role-playing videos, audio lessons, and live seminars. They also encourage members to attend events such as those held in Orlando and Nashville. These are opportunities to hear from top internet marketing minds and also to meet other OMG members. As always, the team promotes a “paying it forward” mentality in which community members at every level help each other to succeed.